Living in St Albans. Working in Camden. From Dover.

This is my space for posting my thoughts on all three of these (and whatever else takes my fancy) as part of my ongoing attempt to better myself and one day have understanding of digital watches.

I’m afraid I cannot vouch for either the quality or quantity of posts – reader beware.


One Response to About

  1. Starr says:

    Hey Mike – I really don’t do anything special with my valuables. I simply keep them all together in my day pack whenever I’ve traveling between destinations and then, I just leave it all in my ho/ehtguestlouse room whenever I’m out exploring during the day. And I’ve never had any issues or had anything stolen in my 12+ years of travel. In the end, the world is much safer than we imagine and you probably have a greater chance of having your stuff stolen at home than you do overseas!

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